Thursday, October 7, 2010

Online Giving

In the interim between the enrapturing stories of my life in Cameroon, I have some exciting news for those of you who support me financially: online giving is now available! Here's the information given by Wycliffe Associates:

You can start your online giving by going to: Put any part of the name of the Wycliffe Associate into the search engine to pull up their name and set up your giving options. You will have the ability to set up the amount, date, frequency, and method of giving (either by credit card or from your bank). Once you set up an account online, you will be able to view and manage all gifts to Wycliffe Associates yourself through your online account. We recommend this as your most convenient option.

If the search does not retrieve their name at this time, you can still use this method. On the left-hand side of the donation page is a row of folders, click on the Other Designations folder. At this point, enter your gift amount and click on the Add to Gift Cart button. Next click on the Continue to Check Out button on upper right. In the Note field by the Other Designationsgift amount, enter their ministry account number, first and last name.


  1. Catherine,
    I'm a little behind in this, but Corey and I want to start supporting you monthly. I looked up the website, but it was a little confusing because I'm not sure if we would be supporting you directly or the place in Cameroon where you're working? Let me know! Email:

  2. Hi, Crystal!

    Yes, if you enter my name in the search box, then you can set it up so your donations will go directly into my account. It looks like the search option isn't working right now, though, so use the "other designations" option, and in the "Note" section, put in my account number: M08793.

    Thanks so much!!!!

  3. The search engine will now give you my name. :)