Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello, California!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, I'm back home!!!! It is so good to be back, with reliable showers, reliable internet, reliable electricity, and reliable stock in grocery stores. These fantastic grocery stores make it possible for me to easily catch up on my 10-month lack of Salt and Vinegar chips, cheezits, Beringer's white zinfandel, and strawberries. I have also taken full advantage of the availability of coffee shops! Oh, America the Beautiful!

Before I kissed the ground of California, I spent 10 days in England with my dear friend Sarah. She was taking a 2-week grad school course, so I stayed in a house with all the students, and had lots of time to rest, process, get used to Western culture, and have fun. Sarah and I went to the Lake District for the weekend, and I went on a couple of day trips while she was in classes. It was such a blessing to have that time of relaxation and transition, and to have time with such a wonderful friend.

Now that I'm officially home, I have had a fabulous time catching up with my family and with my Nor-Cal friends (and my 2 So-Cal friends who stayed with me last weekend--thanks, Ben and Laura!). My mom and I went to Ashland 2 days after I flew in to see the plays at the Shakespeare Festival. It was amaaaazing! And it was a nice, relaxing place to recover from jet lag and have some good mother-daughter time.
My family and I are going on a few other short trips this month to see relatives and spend some time together, and then I'm headed south for most of the month of August! I am sooooo excited to go to the La Mirada area to see friends and my church down there.

These past few weeks I have really experienced God's faithfulness and blessings. I praise Him for making all these enjoyable experiences happen--some of them happened so smoothly I am convinced God was intimately involved with these events! It is so wonderful to experience His love through the people I interact with here, in a different way than in Cameroon. I find much to rejoice about during my time here, and am confident that he is replenishing my joy to make me even more effective with the coming year in Cameroon.

I hope I can see the majority of you blog readers/supporters while I'm home. Don't wait for me to call you, either! I would love to hear from you! My cell number is the same.

May you find joy in everyday things,

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