Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy Season Has Come!

It is officially rainy season. No, that doesn’t mean it’s colder (or hotter). The temperature doesn’t do a whole lot of changing at any time of year. But it does mean that there is a thunderstorm almost every day, and we get to enjoy the ramifications of the new moisture! Now, if I go out to the veranda at sunset, instead of seeing the dull, hazy yellow glow of dry season, with faded brown mountains in the distance, I am hit with the visual stimulation of a vibrant, multi-colored, cotton candy-clouded sky, with unobstructed emerald mountains spanning the horizon. When the girls and I go for a jog around the neighborhood, I have a hard time not pulling up to a halt just to look at the jungles and waterfalls that seem to have sprung up overnight (Well, maybe not just to look. I hate running). There’s also the thrill of risk when we plan to do something outdoors in the afternoons, whether it’s shopping, hiking, visiting neighbors, or horseback riding.

Yesterday, Karissa, Katelyn, Katelyn’s friend Anna, and I left around 3:30pm to ride the horses back to the house from a nearby village. Thunder was already booming as Chris drove us to the village, and a few raindrops fell as we mounted the horses. But it didn’t daunt us; we were excited for the adventure!

For the next couple hours, we braved slippery roads, steep hills, rickety bridges, mud puddles, low branches, sore rear ends, a horse that wouldn’t stop, a bucking colt that wouldn’t go, and intervals of pouring rain. But it’s nothing we haven’t encountered before, and we loved every minute of it. There were a couple times that we were laughing so hard from seeing the mud splatters on each other that we had to stop the horses. As we got nearer to home, we ran into something a little more unusual. Thousands of flying insects were surrounding us: with rain comes termites! “Aw, they’re kind of cute! Let’s imagine they’re fairies!” I suggested. But they lost their enchantment when they went in our mouths, noses, and ears as we galloped through the swarms. We finally passed through the multitude and raced up our hill to the house.

“What? You didn’t catch them for us to eat?” Karen asked when we told her about them. “Let’s make sure we serve those as a snack to the summer team!” Unfortunately, Katelyn pointed out that termite season will be over by then. Sorry Cedar Ridge team, I think you’ll have to settle for fried grasshoppers instead.

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  1. Loved your description of the changing season, but even more your sense of humor. That always goes a long way in diverse and adverse situations and of course blesses those around you. May God continue to fill your days with more adventures and his blessed presence. Looking forward to giving you a big hug when you return.